Welcome and ready for feedback!

Hi guys!
Excited to start this forum and collect lots of feedback. Please feel free to be as candid as possible :slight_smile: Look forward to hearing from all of you!


I’m down. Been there, got the T-shirt.

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Welcome Todd :slight_smile:


Thanks for representing the brand, Todd! Welcome!


Hi Todd! Welcome :slight_smile:


Tony R!

I thought I saw you were with Luxonis, Brandon’s AI vision company. Are Luxonis and Alta related? Hope to see you guys at Palooza in October!


Its not related, I’m coming back to the coolest industry so I can work with guys like you again!


Hey guys, a decent DC-powered POE switch would be awesome.

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Hey @Jesse_Archer !
Any chance you can create a new thread with the specs you’d like to see so we can keep track of it?


@Jesse_Archer Agree with @Matt! Would love to hear what you are thinking…


Looking good! How many pre-launch testers do you have on board?

We’re ramping up, but got some good feedback so far and looking for more :slight_smile:

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Candid… So what does “SOON” mean? :slight_smile:

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‘Soon’ defined

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Since there were no 2x t-shirts, I was unable to represent :frowning:

I’ll see what I can do @Sam_Beiler :slight_smile: If anyone wants a shirt send me your address…

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Accesspoint not in yet, but I noticed that the iOS app does not support MFA yet, so if you want to login to your app, you have to disable MFA. The message you get if you don’t is: password not correct.

Just curious what about adding the 2fa to the end of password

so yourpassword594000 forexample