Before and After AP6-Pro Site Survey

I’ve been wanting to make the jump to WiFi 6 for a while now with a large recreation center customer here in Salt Lake City. We just got done swapping out our old APs for Alta AP6-Pros, and I wanted to share the results of our site survey before and after. Getting 100+ Mbps way out on the edge of the field where we have summer movie nights :film_projector::fire:. Attached are the before and after coverage maps which doesn’t even do it justice but gives you an idea.


Looks nice @KOPFC … if you don’t mind me asking, which APs were you using before?

Unifi: AC HDs, AP Pros and the AP “mesh” I think they’re just outdoor AP Pros but we always call them “mesh” APs. We also had a couple of Nanos. They worked ok but the coverage of the Alta AP6-Pros is just a huge upgrade.


The real test is 5/27 when we open up all of our outdoor facilities. I’ll let you know how it goes. :crossed_fingers:


@KOPFC This is incredible! Thanks for sharing! Love seeing the substantial upgrades in coverage and throughput.

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How did the opening go?

Sorry for the late response. Everything went great. When I say great I mean speeds are better, coverage is better and more stable but most important is the is ZERO feedback. No one is calling me or emailing about anything, about coverage, speeds, nothing, crickets :cricket: my favorite sound!!


@KOPFC crickets are the best kind of feedback!


We have another big test this week starting 7/13, the Utah State swim meet. This will be a test of amount of devices in a small area. This meet we’ll have live streaming and hundreds of devices connected to our wifi but connected to only 2 or 3 APs. Opening the pools was a test of coverage this is a test of density. As long as everything goes well :crossed_fingers:the bigest test is August 5th when we have our Fire Water and Ice Festival where we can have up to 8k devices connected over the course of one day. Hoping for more :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


@KOPFC how did the swim meet go?

Please tell us about the outcome… very curious… how many Alta APs has been deployed?

Everything went great!! The meet was spread over 2 weekends with ZERO complaints. I tested speeds during the event and they were great as usual. Since they spanned the event over 2 weekends attendence was down a little so a little disappointed there but August 5th is our Fire Water and Ice Festival so we’ll see how that goes. Frankly I expect more of the same, nothing to report. Unfortunately in this business no feedback is the best. Although my son works here for the summer and told me “the wifi is ridiculous” meaning it’s really good.


So we have 20 total APs across the entire complex. If you scroll up to the before and after map above you can get an idea where they are. If I get a chance I need to make a new map because I added my spare one I keep in my office right where the poor coverage band is in the middle of the complex because vendors set up there for the swim meet. Most of the time there’s nothing there, no one is ever there so usually it doesn’t matter. I know the husband of one of the venders and he told me every year she just brings a hotspot because the coverage “sucks” there. Not this year!! :joy: I may leave it there or I may just bring it out for the big swim meets with vendors, havent decided yet. Anyway, not to go off on a tangent but to answer your question 20 APs if you count the spare.


Thanks for the feedback @KOPFC !

For anyone that wants to see more details on this project please check out this video by Tym Smart Homes highlighting the install: The end for Ubiquiti. Recreation center gets massive WiFi 6 upgrade from Alta Labs - YouTube