Wondering about a roadmap or timeline

I’ve seen some pictures of APs, and looking at the User Interface, I can imagine switches and gateway devices. Can you guys share a roadmap or timeline?

Or, is it too early?


Great question @Todd_Vasko! Happy to share what we will have launching this year. Our first access points will be available through our distribution partners starting late April and early May. That will be our AP6-Pro and AP6 (WiFi6 on both bands, both APs). Alta.inc will be launching later this week, which will have our AP data sheets available for download.

Then in June and July, our 8, 16 and 24 port layer 2 PoE switches will be available for purchase. The specs on these are pretty much solidified. We are just running them through our internal testing and validation before we publish data sheets. Should be within the next two weeks or so.

If you consider the above short term, then medium and long term, we have some amazing things coming. Our immediate focus will to round out the network stack, but we have some additional products/features that will be game changing for sure.


That’s very helpful, thanks Chase.

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@Alta-Chase and @Todd_Vasko;
Apologies for resurrecting a corpse thread; but I wondered if there is a vision of 48- and or 50/52-port switches in the roadmap? For that matter, having not actually seen the hardware or even a picture/mockup; do any of the current switching solutions include SFP ports?

@nepeterson Great questions. On the 48 port switch, plan on seeing something from us next year.

For the switches that will be launching in the 60 days, you can see more here: