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Thanks for all of your feedback helping improve the Alta products!

2.1f Release Notes

Released on 05/20/2024

  • Add temperature and fan reporting for SNMP
  • Resolve incorrect IP reporting on S8-POE devices
  • Resolve incorrect STP blocking reporting

2.1e Release Notes

Released on 04/17/2024

  • Add support for SNMP monitoring
  • Resolve issues with IP address tracking on S8-POE

2.1d Release Notes

Released on 03/22/2024

  • Add support for wired device IP address tracking
  • Resolve intermittent issue with POE and temperature not reporting

2.1c Release Notes

  • Add support for setting desired loop detection protocol
  • Add support for setting STP priority per-switch
  • Add support for viewing STP blocking state in management platform

2.1b Release Notes

  • Resolve issues with local controller

2.1a Release Notes

  • Add support for MSTP/RSTP/STP
  • Add support for local controllers
  • Resolve issues with LLDP on S24-POE
  • Improve stability when IGMP snooping is enabled

1.2m Release Notes

  • Improve stability under network loop conditions.
  • Improve management connection stability in networks with many VLANs.
  • S24: Resolve issues with rebooting via management platform.
  • Resolve issues related to IGMP Snooping.

1.2k Release Notes

  • Add support for 802.1X authentication
  • Resolve issue setting static IP address
  • Improve stability under network loop conditions

1.2j Release Notes

  • Add IGMP and MLD Snooping Support*
  • Fix Static IP Address assignment
  • Various stability improvements

*Note: IGMP Snooping is not recommended to be enabled by default. Only for networks with IPTV, or other special environments. It must be configured on individual VLANs. We also added an IGMP/MLD Querier, and support for Leave messages to ensure group correctness.

1.2i Release Notes

  • Add support for LLDP-MED Voice VLAN
  • Add support for disabling link light LEDs (not including POE LED)

1.2h Release Notes

  • Add LLDP support
  • S24: Enable SFP+ LEDs

1.2g Release Notes

  • Add support for remote syslog host
  • Use configured name as system hostname

1.2.f Release Notes

  • Improve network fallback functionality

1.2e Release Notes

  • Add support for displaying POE status
  • Add support for power cycling POE ports
  • Add support for displaying switch temperature

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much.

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