Expand switches portfolio: limited PoE powered small switches + 16 port desktop sized


As per @Alta-Matt_v2 suggestion, raising this feature request to see if it gets enough engagement so they consider to increase the Alta Labs switches portfolio

My two cents are focus on home environment:

  • S5: Small fanless switch with 5 ports. One of them PoE IN (AC power should also be kept).
    Similar to the USW-Flex-Mini but integrated into Alta’s management center. 5 ports small switch with PoE in

  • S5-POE: Like the standard S5 (keeping the option to be powered by PoE/PoE+/PoE++) but adding PoE out in the remaining 4 ports.
    Power budget would be higher if device powered by AC or PoE++ and lower (or even zero) if device is powered by PoE+ or PoE.

  • S16-POE-D: Small fanless switch with 16 ports for desktop (-D stands for desktop :sweat_smile:) with 8 PoE+ ports and 60W power budget (or the maximum allowed by form factor and fanless design).
    Similar to the USW-Lite-16-POE but integrated into Alta’s management center
    This suggestion is not mine but from @Cicada (Fanless 16 Port POE Switch for the Desktop) but I fully support it and just bringing it to this “Feature request” forum

So, starting from the bottom the line up of switches proposed would be:

  • S5 and/or S5-POE
  • S8-POE (already existing)
  • S16-POE (already existing)
  • S16-POE-D

What do you think, guys? With nice design I’m quite sure those little fanless puppies would fit on all regular homes, isn’t it? :sunglasses:


I would love to see a sff quality managed switch become common place. The s8 poe is gorgeous and functional. I am tired of seeing the same tiny Netgear everywhere. I get the need for a sff is necessary, but imagine having a unified dash of every single 5 port in use. Notes, and vlanning and site management. All by color group. You couldnt deploy an easier managed 5 port if you tried.

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It would be great if these came with 2.5GB ports, especially if WiFi 7 APs are on the roadmap.

I was just doing the mental gymnastics to see how many of the 8 port switches I would need in various places around my flat. The 5 port would have to significantly cheaper than the 8 port though for it to be worth it for me as a consumer.