Fanless 16 Port POE Switch for the Desktop

Alta Labs already have a fanless 16-port POE switch in their offerings. However, its size prevents it from being placed on a desktop for users who don’t have or want a rack in their house. I know the S8-POE is smaller enough for this purpose, but for some, 8 ports are just not enough. 2 WiFi access points, a couple of POE security cameras, ethernet ports for the TV, media player, gaming console and NAS, and you’re starting to run out of ports for your study. You also need a port for your router.

In my case, I have my router, switch and ISP issued modem sitting on an IKEA 4x1 Kallax shelving unit (KALLAX Shelf unit, white, 16 1/2x57 7/8" - IKEA) in my study. The S-16 POE, at 441.5 mm wide, is just too wide to fit on the shelf. So, a desktop version that is no wider than 280 mm would be ideal in my opinion.

Other than the Unifi Lite 16 POE (USW-Lite-16-POE), there aren’t too many fanless 16-port POE switches with VLAN capabilities on the market right now. This could be an opportunity to capture some market share.

Joining to your request here.

Really interested on an alternative to the USW-Lite-16-POE: small (not rack-sized) fanless managed switch with 16 ports and some of them supporting PoE.

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