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Thanks for all of your feedback helping improve the Alta products!

2.0q Release Notes:

Released on 05/15/2024

  • Add support for SNMP
  • Fix RADIUS-assigned VLANs if default VLAN is not 1

2.0p Release Notes

Released on 05/08/2024

  • Improve fast roaming reliability.
  • Improve reliability with local controllers.
  • Add AP MAC to captive portal encrypted token.

2.0o Release Notes

Released on 04/25/2024

  • Resolve issues with WiFi clients being disconnected after any portal setting change.
  • Improve cloud connection reliability.

2.0n Release Notes

Released on 04/17/2024

  • Resolve issues with WiFi clients being disconnected after any portal setting change.

2.0m Release Notes

Released on 04/15/2024

  • Improve mesh reliability when STP/RSTP/MSTP is enabled on the wired network.
  • Add hostapd option “nas_identifier_id=1” to use device ID as NAS ID.

2.0k Release Notes

Released on 04/05/2024

  • Improve device discoverability after being connected for extended periods of time.
  • Special thanks to @rutman286 for the help testing this one!

2.0j Release Notes

Released on 03/22/2024

  • Add support for setting low-level SSID settings, such as uapsd, via power-user settings
  • Resolve captive portal issues if unit is factory reset without a reboot
  • Resolve intermittent issue of TX/RX rate reporting None/None
  • Improve radsecproxy security

2.0i Release Notes

Released on 02/22/2024

  • Further resolve discovery issues when using multiple VLANs on an SSID
    Would be nice to give a shout out to @regchan for reporting the issue so quickly

2.0h Release Notes

Released on 02/22/2024

  • Resolve discovery issues when using multiple VLANs on an SSID
  • Improve system stability

2.0g Release Notes

Released on 02/02/2024

  • Add support for connecting to local controller
  • Add support for HotSpot 2.0 and RadSec
  • Fix discovery for devices that are manually configured for VLAN1
  • Fix 5 GHz radio not starting if bandwidth is set incorrectly

NOTE: 2.0f was skipped as it was an internal-only release

2.0e Release Notes

Released on 01/06/2024

  • Resolve issues with DPI filter list overflowing

2.0d Release Notes

Released on 01/03/2024

  • Improve system stability

2.0c Release Notes

Released on 12/28/2023

  • Improve wireless connectivity

2.0b Release Notes

Released on 12/21/2023

  • Resolve intermittent disconnect/reconnect issues

2.0a Release Notes

Released on 12/20/2023

  • Resolve issues with running captive portals on non-native VLAN SSIDs/PSKs
  • Resolve discovery issues if there are multiple VLANs on an SSID
  • Add support for non-gateway DNS servers for IOT/Guest/Internet-only Network Types
  • Improve stability

1.1p Release Notes

  • Fix download/upload rate for open networks
  • Fix up radio config for incorrect channel configurations

1.1o Release Notes

  • Fix connectivity issue when network access is requested

1.1n Release Notes

  • Improve roaming stability
  • Improve hotspot stability
  • Fix issue when schedule block ends at midnight

1.1m Release Notes

  • Improve roaming stability
  • Network types: Add support for networks with separate DHCP server and router

1.1k Release Notes

  • Improve LLDP uplink port reporting
  • Add support for manual TX power setting
  • Fix WiFi client misconfiguration when roaming
  • Fix poor performance for downlink mesh AP when AP roams
  • Improve stability

1.1j Release Notes

  • Improve mesh uplink stability
  • Improve overall stability
  • Enable “Always On” by default. This change will apply to new and existing sites where the setting has never been adjusted.
  • Improve LLDP frame reception

1.1i Release Notes

  • Update to latest Wireless driver with performance and stability improvements
  • Add support for remote syslog host
  • Add support for disabling DPI engine, for debugging purposes
  • Add support for disabling 11v, for debugging purposes
  • Use configured name as system hostname
  • Fix issue where app tracking stopped due to the Bypass Filter option
  • Improve Wireless stability

1.1h Release Notes

  • General stability improvements

1.1g Release Notes

  • Fix intermittent TX power reporting issues.
  • Fix intermittent issue where bandwidth modification caused beaconing on that band to stop.

1.1f Release Notes

  • Resolved inconsistent mesh uplink reporting.
  • Resolved missing stats from certain SSIDs.

1.1e Release Notes

  • Improve stability for devices that are not connected to an LLDP peer.

1.1d Release Notes

  • Improve VLAN bridging between disparate VLANs, especially with non-native management VLAN configuration, and especially with IPv6 traffic.
  • Improve UNII-3 (~5.7 to ~5.8 GHz) short-range band support for ETSI regions.

1.1c Release Notes

  • Add ability to disable mesh per-access-point.
  • Display AP mesh link information.
  • Add ability to reboot devices (Open Network - Device Window / Settings tab, hold the shift key, then click Reboot).
  • Add ability to disable automatic upgrade on a site basis.
  • Stability improvements.

1.1b Release Notes

  • Resolve wireless instability, especially if IPv6 is unavailable and Always On is enabled

1.1a Release Notes

  • Improved stability, particularly in IPv6 environments.
  • Improved Mesh reliability, especially with Always On enabled.

1.0z Release Notes

    • Resolved issue with bridging IPv6 traffic to non-native VLANs
      Please check to ensure you’re running on the latest version on the Network tab. Click the arrow to upgrade.

1.0y Release Notes

  • Several stability improvements
  • Added LLDP support (TX and RX


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