WiFi still drops when Always On setting is set to "on"

I noticed that my WIFI will stop broadcasting evertime the internet drops even when I marked it to always be on. This issue also happened on the previous version as well as on the lastest 1.0z

When the internet restores the WIFI does automatically broadcasts so the “ALWAYS ON” button has some problems.

That’s a good observation. I actually leave that set to Off and, knock on wood, have pretty darn stable internet… I had not noticed there being a problem!

@raematazz Thanks for posting and bringing this to our attention! I will show this to the team and see if there is a bug we need to fix.

@raematazz Unfortunately, we were not able to replicate this issue. Would you be able to provide some logs via SSH so we can take a look at what may be happening?

Saved Log in the link below for ALWAYS ON issue.

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Is there any update. Sold 6 AP6 Pros to a client that had requested always on feature beforehand as SSID is needed to connect warehouse scanners to local network even if the incoming internet drops.

Internet dropped on site this morning, got a call saying all SSID’s stopped broadcasting. Each ap is is set to always on.

@Ian_James @raematazz A new firmware update is being pushed today. If you see an up arrow next to them now, you can click that and it will pull the update. Otherwise, they will automatically pull the update tonight. Looking for 1.1a. This should resolve both of your issues. If not, as always, please let us know ASAP.

Thank you!

Can you all try clicking the “up arrow” next to the firmware release version on the Network tab, like shown in the release notes thread?

And let us know your feedback after upgrading?

Hi Chase,

Upgraded all access points , pulled out the internet and SSID is now showing and scanners can still connect to the local network. Great stuff and prompt response as always :+1:


@Ian_James thanks for letting us know!

I’ve update to 1.1b and the Always On (Yes) option enabled, it now works perfectly with it continuing to broastcast the SSID even after the internet drops or fails.

Appricate all the work done in resolving this issue,


Thanks for all the feedback guys!