STP / RSTP support?

Does this first round of switches support STP / RSTP out of the gate?


@rutman286 STP / RSTP will be available in a future firmware upgrade, slightly after launch.


Can we hope for MRSTP?

@ArchPhoenix Are you referring to MSTP?

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You are correct.

Yes, MSTP support is planned along with STP/RSTP.


Hi @Alta-Jeff . I see “loop detection” is available now… can you make it so we can choose the bridge priority please?

@rutman286 Yes. Loop detection isn’t actually available yet, but yes, we can make the priority configurable when it’s ready.

Please let me know when you will have a firmware update that supports STP

@Phcsys We will announce it here: Switch | Release Notes once it is ready, so you can subscribe to that ready to be notified immediately.

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