S16-PoE Thoughts/Mini Review

I’ve been using the S16-PoE for a little bit now and thought I’d chuck out a few thoughts for anyone interested.

Unboxing Experience

I was impressed with the packaging of the switch. No wasteful packing materials and excess plastic which is great to see.


I :heart:LOVE :heart: that the switch comes with Rackstud DUO as it’s my least favourite part of installation to fidget with standard cage nuts.

Initial Setup

I connected my S16-PoE to my UDM-SE and within minutes it appeared in my Alta console ready to adopt.

I did experience a minor issue with upgrading to the latest firmware. I clicked the “upgrade now” button but it didn’t seem to progress. I then walked my dog and lo and behold, the switch was on the latest firmware. Chalk that one down to classic lack of patience.


Once adopted, I found the user interface to be very intuitive. Some of my favourite features include:

  • Holding shift button to reboot

  • Using U for Untagged and T for Tagged nomenclature which is under-utilised by other vendors

  • Continued use of colours, this time for mass-applying of port profiles

  • Fallback upon failure feature which is great for network engineers with butter fingers

Overall Impressions

Having worked with a lot of other hardware vendors in the past, I’m super impressed with the Alta switches so far. Pairing this with the AP6-Pro I have serving WiFi, we’re only one device away from a complete Alta network takeover :wink:

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the switches and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Link to my AP6-Pro impressions: Finally ceiling mounted my AP6-Pro