Mobile (iOS) -- Release Notes

Thanks for all of your feedback helping improve the Alta products!

1.2.9 Release Notes

Released on 04/17/2024

User Interface Enhancements:

  • Add Network Device Mesh Indicator.
  • Add support to search Network Devices by MAC and IP address.
  • Add Make, Channel, and SSID to Device details.
  • Add support to search Devices by MAC and IP address.
  • Add support for confirmation alerts when leaving without saving.
  • Add missing tooltips for SSID, Network Devices, and Devices.

Performance and Reliability Improvements:

  • Improve cloud connection architecture.
  • Stability Improvements.

1.2.8 Release Notes

Released on 04/01/2024

New Features:

  • Add WiFi Schedule support.
  • Add Non-admin and locked/unlocked password support.

User Interface Enhancements:

  • Add Devices’s full list of icon support.
  • Add missing options to SSID advanced settings.
  • Add network device update available indicator.
  • Update user invite and settings.

Performance and Reliability Improvements:

  • Fix SSID Enterprise security.
  • Fix animations during a device setup process.
  • Fix default values mismatch for Access Point.
  • Stability Improvements.

1.2.7 Release Notes

Released on 03/19/2024


  • Improve cloud connection architecture.

1.2.6 Release Notes

Released on 02/13/2024

New Features:

  • Add Bypass Filter to Password.
  • Add client filters.
  • Add Reset Advanced button to SSID configuration.
  • Add Top Applications back to the dashboard.

User Interface Enhancements:

  • Add a definition below the drop down that states red text are application and blue text is application groups.
  • Add current site name to System Settings
  • Add current throughput info to graph in client details. * Fix animations during switch firmware upgrade process.
  • Fix manual rate limits.
  • Fix missing icons in site selector.
  • Fix non-default site icons in the site manager when in dark mode.
  • Fix switch upgrade animation.
  • Fix VLAN selection when >10 VLANs present.

Performance and Reliability Improvements:

  • Improve responsiveness with larger font.

1.2.5 Release Notes

Released on 01/16/2024

New Features:

  • Added switch support.

User Interface Enhancements:

Performance and Reliability Improvements:

  • Enhanced account handling for a better user experience.

1.2.4 Release Notes

Released on 11/23/2023

New Features:

  • Added Site Manager.
  • Support for renaming sites.

User Interface Enhancements:

  • Change default SSID filter to This Site.
  • Improve user experience when creating a new SSID.
  • Update default sort order to Ascending.

Performance and Reliability Improvements:

  • Fix inaccuracies in network and client device counts.
  • Fix Wi-Fi scanning timeout.
  • Improve robustness of the device set up process.
  • Improve traffic graph accuracy and standardized scale across platforms.
  • Performance improvements.

1.2.3 Release Notes

Released on 10/25/2023

  • Added support for Wireless scan on AP6 and AP6-Pro
  • Added basic switch profiles with images, processor and bandwidth utilization (full switch feature support is pending)
  • Added first time user onboarding flow
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

1.2.2 Release Notes

Released on 10/09/2023

  • Add support for logging in via multi-factor authentication
  • Add support for managing multi-factor authentication from account
  • Add support for Sign in with Apple
  • Add ability to update firmware
  • Fix application/URL filter functionality
  • Stability improvements

1.2.1 Release Notes

Released on 09/22/2023

  • Support for iOS 17
  • Various bug-fixes and enhancements to user experience