Alta Mobile iOS version 1.2.5 released

Hi everyone, we’re proud to announce switch support is available in the Alta Mobile app on iOS. There are other improvements as well. Please see the following topic for the release notes, or check the App Store.

If you have any questions let us know, and as usual if you notice anything please create a new thread with the details.


I am already at 1.2.6 (179) as the current version on my iPhone - was there another release made?

This post is in the Mobile section, which would reflect the current version released on the App Store. The current public stable release is 1.2.5.

There are some versions available TestFlight, like 1.2.6, but that would technically be beta. We haven’t been posting changelogs for TestFlight releases yet (here or on TestFlight), however that will change. You’ll be able to find those in the Mobile Beta section soon.

The initial build of 1.2.6 adds the Top Applications back to the dashboard, fixes the animations during the switch firmware upgrade, and fixes the filter/search options on the Network page.

I was hoping the Alta team would send an alert to those on the beta via this thread as well as installing the build from the iOS “Test Floght”.

When I saw this thread on 1.25, I was not expecting to see a newer build in place. I think the new builds are good, but it would be great to know — so we can test what was changed/improved.

I plan to create the Alta Mobile beta release notes topics this evening, in the Mobile Beta section. I’ll share the link for the iOS ones here once they’re live. Once the topics are live, you could subscribe to the main release post and you would only receive a notification once it’s edited, which would let you know about the new release.

So there will be the full release notes topic, and then another one like this with mention of each new release, linking to the specific release in the main release post, and allowing feedback collection.

That said, the beta threads will start from the current version, and going forward, however I will try to fill in some info for older beta releases too.

thank you

No problem! Sorry for the delay. HERE is the link to the main iOS Beta release notes topic, which you can subscribe to so that you receive update notifications.

I checked your account, and it looks like you have access to that section, but if anyone is having issues accessing the Mobile Beta section then they’ll have to reach out to one of us directly.