Mesh AP6 pro slow speeds

Is it normal for meshed AP6 pro’s to get very slow performance? I meshed one and it has strong signal… not far away from the main AP probably about 20 feet. I’m getting only about 15mbps over it.

Any other mesh type AP I’ve used have never been this slow. Is this normal?

I ended up unplugging it, I was hoping for mesh speeds to be much faster and to be able to extend the range in my living room. Unfortunately I can’t hard wire because it’s an apartment. :frowning:

That is definitely NOT normal for these switches. Don’t lose hope! The Alta team will get back to you asap and get things squared away.

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Hi @NightHawk I have 2 meshed right now and haven’t seen that (typically you can expect ~50% performance on a meshed AP due to the half-duplex nature of WiFi), but if you want to reach out we can troubleshoot. (

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That’s what I was thinking is it shouldn’t be reduced over 50%. I’ll reach out, thanks!

Still working on this with Alta support. But does anyone have a meshed AP6 Pro of their own they can test speeds on? Just curious what others are seeing.

I do, but it will have to be at like 7pm PST… sorry. I will test it out when I get home today though, if it helps.

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I am setting up this test for you right now my friend. Stand by!



Okay here are my results. The Meshed AP was approx 35 feet from the kitchen AP it meshed to.

I got you screenshots of the Mesh setup. The test SSID was Rutledge-Mesh, and was only broadcasting on the mesh AP. It was purple color, for reference.

Speeds were exactly what I expected. 400Mbps is fantastic for WiFi 6 mesh! For reference, I have Xfinity cable internet at 1000Mbps down, 20Mbps up. All APs are on the most recent 1.1i firmware.

Let me know if I can do any other testing or provide any other info.

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Thanks much, I did pretty much the same when testing with support. I created a SSID named mesh test and only assigned it to that mesh AP. I’m getting a whole 20mbps when I got 1000/1000 fiber, the main AP I see speeds of 600-800mbps. Something is creating a bottleneck between my two AP’s for sure.

This is my setup:

Speeds I’m seeing with it:

I’m curious. What is your channel bandwidth set to?

120, but I’ve tried others. Also 80Mhz for the 5ghz band. I’m in an apartment with a ton of wifi interference and luckily the DFS channels have no one on them. So I manually set to those.

Just for the fun of it, I deleted my site. factory reset the AP’s, and set them back up in a new site. Still the same slow speeds on the meshed AP even with it having a great link connection.

Something is definitely amiss there. Reach out to @Alta-MattH and see if they can hop on your site with you and check it out.

I’ve been working with Matt and Mike, Mike reached out to some internal people but haven’t heard back yet. Just messing with things while I wait on them. Hopefully they can help sort it all out.

I connected it directly to my switch just to test if it was just the APs and this is what I get with a hardwired connection on that AP.

NightHawk, are you willing to share screenshots of all of the details of the SSID you are testing with?

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Sure give me some time to do so