LinITX Case Study - Isaac Lord Merchant Quarter (Part 2)

Having visited the Isaac Lord Merchant Quarters earlier this year (see part one here) and with the demo AP6-PRO unit we took with us being a resounding success, LinITX returned back to site once all AP’s had been installed to perform a second survey to see just how much difference the new units had made.

The results… all dead spots (where network coverage is required) have been completely removed and the speeds/reliability of the network greatly improved.

You can read our full findings in our blog post linked below.


Any chance you can share how the APs were setup? Channel width, power, fast roaming, bss, etc…? Or if any are using ‘auto’ settings? And if you’re using the DPI features on them. I’m gauging the efficiency of the Alta APs compared to various other vendors like Unifi, Aruba, Cisco.