LinITX Case Study - Isaac Lord Merchant Quarter (Part 1)

We were recently contacted by a popular local pub and restaurant, Isaac’s on the Quay, in Ipswich (UK) who were looking to upgrade their wireless network. With them being based near us and the building being a particularly interesting environment for wireless with its history (some of the building dates back to 1430) and construction, thought it would be a good idea to go and survey the site and showcase the new Alta AP6-PRO access points as a potential replacement unit.

The unit we took on an initial trip for customer testing went very well and the initial impressions were a resounding success. With this in mind, the customer agreed to purchase a further 23 units to be installed, with the link below taking you to the full first part of our write-up on this process.

As soon as all of the AP’s have been installed in the agreed locations and the configuration of the units completed, we will be heading back to repeat this process and bring a part 2 to explain what was done and why, along with showing the improvements that the AP6-PRO units have made to this install.


@Frazer_Last I want to live here :slight_smile:

Part 2 is now completed and the results are all positive.

You can find the heatmaps and feedback on the project on the link below.