Latest Firmware 2.0e - return of AirPrint and Sonos problems

I haven’t had any more disconnects since you activated the “feature”. The system is very stable now. I think that’s why I ordered the third Alta access point to replace my last Aruba access point (in my impulsive nature) :wink:


@Alta-MattH Can you provide details of what was fixed or implemented for the AirPlay/AirPrint/Sonos/Chromecast issue?

Seeing a concerning issue since the update to 2.0g where when using Alta APs, AirPlay/AirPrint will work, regardless if I have the mDNS daemon (Avahi) running on my pfSense router, even across subnets. If I disable the Avahi service or disable the ability to repeat that across subnets, AirPlay/AirPrint still work when using Alta APs.

If I use Unifi APs, disabling Avahi will stop the mDNS traffic.

Trying to figure out where the breakdown is occurring.

@carrottspc mDNS is decentralized by nature, so if you have multiple devices on a VLAN sending/received mDNS frames, they will be able to communicate with each other regardless of whether the router is aware of the nodes. Each node essentially has their own “avahi”-equivalent running on them.


Across vlans like I stated?

@carrottspc No, you should not be able to discover across VLANs unless you have an mDNS proxy as you’ve stated. There is typically a short period of time where discovered devices will be cached even after the proxy has been disabled, but otherwise they should not be discoverable. Are you using anything other than Standard Network type for your IOT devices that are responding to mDNS requests?


All ssids on Alta APs are ‘standard’.

Client (iPhone) is on one vlan, ‘server’ (AppleTV) is on different vlan. Both are wireless connecting through Alta APs.

@carrottspc I have an idea of what might be causing it. Is it possible to get an invite to your site to enable an experimental feature that may help? I’ll DM you for more info.