Ive got dropping devices

ive got dropping devices seems to be the google speakers mostly i know i have other devices ive unplugged printers mostly so that stays on list but the speakers says its trying to connect to the network

please dm me if you would like to monitor my network

I wonder if you are experiencing the same thing I have been fighting, where several of my IoT devices will connect fine for 12 to 24 hours, then they get stuck in a loop of connect-disconnect-connect-disconnect?
I am currently running a test on my IoT SSID where I have set it to 2.4Ghz only… I haven’t been up long enough to tell you if it has worked, but nothing else has helped.
If you haven’t already, check your Air-Time Efficiency. For IoT, most users have had to turn 2.4Ghz all the way down as shown below,


I’ll send you a DM, and we can troubleshoot…

This is what I had to do seems to be okay so far, sometimes they drop but not often. Mainly because they are little ESP devices.

google and printer devices are droppin also noticed tv is having same issues matt i have reached out to you so you can see it i have currently not touched any settings im using 1 ssid for my network not separate due to congestion in building / surroundings

You and me both on this one :frowning: Really hoping something enlightening gets found soon. Every day I have something that goes offline and cases me to have to reboot the APs.

Just curious, do all devices disconnect? Or only certain ones? And if you try to reconnect those devices manually (do a scan, authenticate, etc) do they reconnect? Or is an AP reboot required?

Good morning Matt. For me, it is only certain devices, but not always the same ones. Those devices will re-connect if I do so by hand, but they will not stay connected on their own. They will keep disconnecting until I power cycle both APs. This has been happening for me since the beginning. It isn’t a new problem introduced in a new firmware or anything. It happens on both SSIDs.

same here only cirtain devices occur i have 1 ssid and multi pass

ive also noticed my TV is screwing around too it drops connnection all day its now finally connected

called sony at 0930 to 10 now i just chekd my tv now 1533 gmt its sodding connected

Alta team, this is something that isn’t isolated to me anymore… what can we do for you to try to help figure it out?

if any alta team want to access my network please reach out to me ASAP via DM

wondering if i need to white list ips domains

Is there any chance we can get SSH access to one of the APs when this is happening?

When I get a chance later today or tomorrow I can set up IoT devices back on the SSID that causes problems. Once they start acting up again I can leave them struggling, and message you so you can have access

Do you by chance have band steering on in the background? I ask because if I set my IoT SSID to 2.5, and my main SSId to 5, the connection problems go away and things are stable. But, this is interesting. In this screenshot, my MacBook Air, iPhone, and watch are all sitting in the same spot on the desk. Speed tests from my laptop and phone are both in the high 600s to low 700s, but look at how “bad” it thinks the signal is on my phone and watch. All three devices are on the 5Ghz only SSID

Bandsteering is enabled by default for SSIDs configured to broadcast on both bands. It’s in its least aggressive form, so it should still allow the client device to make appropriate decisions.

In my experience band steering has been nothing but trouble, and is one of the first things disabled when doing installs. Can we please have an option in the UI to disable this completely?

just been testing somthing all my aps auto select channel and this may be the cause im currently set all my aps to channel 6 @ 20mhz for 2.4Ghz right now just to see if anything happens dopping wise

5ghz untouched for now

@Alta-MikeD & @Alta-MattH ive also disabled bss too to see but not sure what bss does as your request via whatsapp