Enable cake on interfaces

Please enable (or at least offer a config option) to set cake (or at least fq_codel) on the interfaces on devices. This is well supported in openwrt. The tests I’ve seen indicate that on fifo buffers are being used.

see Any latency / bufferbloat tests when Alta APs are under heavy load?

When comparing side-by-side with most APs, the Alta is pretty good, but Eero 6+ beats it. Eero’s only really advantage here is cake on the interfaces.


@danden In our internal testing we best Eero by 25% on average from dozens of orientations and positions. Of course there may be some situations where we may be worse in one position or orientation, but I’m just talking about overall averages. Also, have you utilized the DFS channels on your Alta AP? I believe eero only uses SQM on the WAN interface, which is definitely where it is most important.