Bad batch? Dead AP6 Pro(s)

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Not looking to bash on the product, however I’m wondering if there was a bad batch of them (as a gen 1 or such) as I think I have had two AP’s die in such a short time,

The first AP (Lets call this AP1) was ordered on 1 December 2023 and died around 27 Feb 2024.
I orded a second AP (Lets call this AP2) on 2 February 2024 and I think that it just died today 9 July 2024.

AP1 was replaced under RMA (Returned on 4 March 2024, Received replacment on 9 April 2024) (Lets call this AP3)

Sadly this is making me feel cautious about buying any more or a rack mount switch from Alta, as these lifespans have been far too short to be okay for anything other than a bad batch, if there was indeed a bad batch, is it public knowledge? is Alta reaching out to customers who have products from those batches?

I don’t have any doubts that Alta will replace the AP under warranty, but has whatever issue this is been fixed? or am I expecting AP3 (and the next RMA AP4?) to fail before 2024 is over?

Sorry if this comes across as negative, but I’d just like to know what is actually going on?

@Alta-Chase @Alta-Matt_v2

@LlamaLlama Thanks for the note. I am sorry you have seen two access points fail! I don’t think you are being negative at all. I appreciate you speaking up.

We have some questions for you that I will send to you in a direct message. Serial number, RMA #s , name, purchase location, etc. that probably shouldn’t be in an open forum. We will look at what is happening with your APs. We will also make sure replacements get routed to you ASAP as well. Whatever we can do to minimize your downtime.

Thanks Chase, shooting you the details, I also replied to an email from the previous RMA case

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