Auto firmware upgrade

Hi all,

I notice in my Alta Cloud controller that the firmware of the APs is always updated automatically. There is no setting to disable the auto upgrade function. I really prefer to be 100% in control if it comes to firmware upgrades.

Also, will there be release notes posted (to this forum) when a new version is released?

Any thoughts of other network engineers what you prefer?


Krijn Tanis


I would agree. I turn off Auto Updates on my (Unifi) network to keep control.

Hi guys, we’ve talked about this a little…

The main concern is we don’t want the devices to fall too far behind, if you know what I mean.

But there have been some ideas about delaying or scheduling. Allowing users to have early access to features, etc.

Maybe you can share how you think it’d best work so we can get some ideas :slight_smile:


I agree with the OP. Let’s disable auto update and bug every admin that logs in to do the updates – not some cut little tag in the corner but a modal right in the middle of the screen. If it’s a security update – make them scroll through the security info and check a box saying they’re not upgrading.

I see it from both sides but having so many networks we support – manual update is the way for us. In some situations (unless there’s an emergency patch needed ASAP) it -will- be a dealbreaker…

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We will be adding the ability to disable auto-update on a site-wide basis for those that need it. As it stands, auto-update will randomly update each device individually between 3 and 4 AM to ensure minimum downtime.


Hi Jeff, good to hear, sound like a good way to implement this!

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I was going to make a separate feature request, but it could be useful here too.

It would be interesting if there was a generic tagging system for network devices (group by trust level, or label by floor or building).

Then if you could allow auto updates to be enabled for members of a particular tag it would allow you to have test/guinea pig/canary devices at each site that can live on the latest and greatest firmware while you manually update the others after confirmation of no issues/regressions on those devices.

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Good morning @Alta-Jeff! Has this been implemented by chance yet? I was browsing around trying to find it today on my and can’t find where I would disable auto update.

@rutman286 It has not been implemented quite yet, but will be coming soon.

@Alta-Jeff any idea when this will be implemented? Or is this still “soon”?

i would prefer to have auto update but have options
update in Drop down
always yes
1 week
2 week
3 week

@Krijn_Tanis Sorry for the delay, but I still can’t comment on the exact timeline yet.

@Krijn_Tanis @rutman286 @regchan @Willie_Howe @Todd_Vasko

Good news! Check this out:


Great, just checked it and it is there!

i would still like to beable to set a time for upgrade as i seem to be having issues with other devices like 2 google nest minis failing to reconnect properly

are the updates staggered like 1 ap at a time 5 mins appart

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Good point, dont want all APs to update at the same time…option to select weekday and/or timeframe would be good

had issue with Google nest mini finding out it was not online
when i say hey google responce basically states check the interwebs

ive turned off auto update

but thinking having to set ap update 1 at a time is best idea if can be timed to do so / week day . weekend

@regchan The automatic updates at night will be staggered between 3 AM and 3:30 AM. Also, we are considering adding a feature to select times for updates.

hello now yet hit again with another nest bug its not communicating stated lost wifi retrying to connect been an hour so reboot my other nest speaker the big pill shaped one