Apple TV streaming causing packet loss for others

When I’m streaming on an Apple TV (~8Mbps sustained), I’m occasionally seeing packet loss for connected MacBooks (Does not seem to impact iPhones).

This Is happening with multiple Apple TVs across both an AP6 and AP6Pro.

Impacting an M1 MacBook Pro 16” and an M3 MacBook Pro 14”.

When the Apple TVs first are turned on, connectivity from the WiFi connected iPhone remote app stalls for 5-10 seconds too, indicating the Apple TV is struggling to maintain its connectivity.

It doesn’t appear to be as noticeable with streams that spike to 60-80Mbps and then idle for a while, mostly impacting sustained streaming.

If I move my laptop to another Alta AP in a different room, even in the same room, it’s not an issue, so this likely isn’t an interference problem.

How odd, I use Apple TVs in 4 of the rooms and have no issues at all. Are they on a vLAN at all?

no VLAN on these, although there are other SSIDs on the AP with vlans. Seems like it could be related to this but I’m not experiencing the same level of trouble. Apple devices losing connectivity

@isaac I’d take a look at the signal strength and the TX/RX rates of the Apple TV. If they are less than -75 dBm and/or 20 Mbps, then you’ll likely need to get the Apple TV a closer AP.

@Alta-Jeff we’re line of sight to the AP, but the signal is a bit low at -71. 650M / 351M is the current data rate. I’ll see if we can improve that signal level a bit and test again, focusing on data rates while streaming and see if that crashes.