Apple devices losing connectivity

I have an Apple TV (latest generation and up to date) and 2 Apple HomePods (Gen2, again, up to date) that keep being dropped from my wireless network since the update to the 2.0o firmware. I get notified that all of my hubs are offline, have to go to, disconnect all of the above devices, they reconnect and everything works like a champ again…for about 3-4 hours, then it happens again.

This is a flat network in a small office, no VLANs involved, with a Fortinet 40F firewall, one AP6-Pro and one 8 port Alta POE switch.

Hi @scatterday can you send me an email so we can troubleshoot? Or invite me to your site when this is occurring (In the system tab)?


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Yes, sir. It will most likely be tomorrow mid morning (central time) when it happens again, but I will ping you when it happens.

Sent you an invite. It is currently having the issue.

I guess this fell through the cracks. I never received a response when I added the account for you. I have pulled the AP and switch from this location and went back to the Zyxel switch and AP. I will set the Alta gear up in our lab and do some testing with the new firmware that came out, but the release notes didn’t seem to have any changes addressing this stuff.

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I’ll DM you my email to invite to site and we’ll get it figured out.

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