AP6 slow speeds

I just installed AP6 and I’m getting 150mbps tops hardwired I’m getting close to 500mbps. Is it something to do with the settings?

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of how your SSID is set up? Is it possible your device you are testing with is connecting at 2.4Ghz?

Can you change the 5GHz bandwidth to something higher (like 160MHz) and that should give you more speed…

Just changed it to 160mhz same speed.

Try setting it to 80…. 160 can create other issues.
After that ; check on which channel / frequency your client is connecting.
If it’s connecting to the 2.4ghz frequency than you can expect much lower speeds than wired.
And check with more than just one device.
Outdated drivers or device types can influence the overall results your getting.

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Strange, i am getting 400-700mb at a range of 8-10 meters. Are you at the lastest 1.1.J firmware?

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Can you post what your modulation rates are currently (in the Devices tab)?

And then a screenshot of the “Full Scan” from the AP’s config panel?

Set to 80Mhz and device connected to ch 149. The device that I was testing with is my iPhone.

Yes it’s running the latest firmware 1.1j. Im not sure what happened over night but im getting 480 up and 430 down

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Hi Matt I’m not seeing that number next to the channel I just see a signal strength bar.

Your 5GHz spectrum looks pretty clean. I’m not sure why you were seeing slow speeds earlier. Let us know if it happens again :slight_smile:

I get around 900mbps easy on mine.

@Techout now you’re just showing off :wink:

Should I change anything else on my settings or leave it the way it is?