AP6Pro Speed Issues

Hi there!

Anyone else seeing slow AP6 Pro’s and/or know a fix?

Getting max ~100mbps down (sitting 2 ft away). Router is getting 900mbps hardwired.

Based on this post, I’ve tried the following:

  • disabling 2ghz
  • all the 5ghz bandwidth frequencies
  • updated AP firmware
  • other devices (iPad), in addition to current device iPhone14Pro max

Attached are some setting screenshots.

Appreciate the help :blush:

Do you know what your power settings are for 2.4 and 5? These radios are really powerful, and sitting that close with them on “auto” or “high” could cause all kinds of problems.

Hmm no, how might I figure out the power setting?

Fair point on proximity. No difference though at any distance :frowning:

Hmm, something else seems wrong then. If you want to check power, it’s under WiFi, at the bottom under Advanced.

Perhaps in there lies the problem (or a new one). I don’t have an advanced section in the AP settings.

Do I need to enable it somewhere?

I’m on iOS app version 1.2.4 (162).

I apologize I didn’t realize you were on the iOS app. I do not believe it exists in that version of the app. Please use manage.alta.inc to make that change and check on your other settings.

Did you check the ethernet interface is actually running at 1 Gbps ?

What are you using to power the AP? Is it a POE switch or POE injector? Is it possible the POE injector is a 10/100Mbps model?

Love the community help :slight_smile:

Router (Firewalla) is clocking ~900mbps. Setup is Firewalla-> Alta S8-POE → AP6 Pro

AP is powered by Alta S8-POE.

Fwiw, the AP is sitting on the floor (for testing). Also, in an apartment (possible interference?).

Edit: Power is set to auto. Thanks for reminder about the web app @rutman286 :wink:

we have an Alta 24 port switch, and 5 Alta AP6 Pro devices.

when we first fired the network up, we were stuck getting 100mbps, sometimes touching 130mbps. With multiple devices pulling off the same AP for speedtests, we could bring the speed per device under 10mbps.

Edit: we tested at the switch and were pulling 1G on every port which the APs connected to without issue. The problem was squarely in the APs themselves.

Some digging led us to the Mesh setup and the radio bandwidth.
since our devices are all wired to the switch, we turned off the Mesh (defaults to ON it seems), and then increased the bandwidth in 2.4 from 20->40, and in 5.G from 80->160.

we are now breaking 900mbps on one phone, and my phone and laptop are both breaking 500mbps.

I don’t know if this will help your situation, but i hope so!


What device are you using to perform the test and what are you using to perform the test?

Phone model?
Web or App?

When I run speed test on speediest.net right now im getting 200mbps
When I run speed test using openspeed test from one device to another over my local network I’m getting 800mbps

many things can impact speed test.

Have you checked the connection between the router and your S8-POE? Is it negotiating at the right speed? And is the S8-POE to AP negotiating at the right speed? Could be a dodgy cable somewhere in the mix.

Good tip, just disabled the Mesh, to test

this is a good point, how do I test that within the Alta UI?

On the cloud management portal https://manage.alta.inc (you can’t check via the mobile app), if you click on your switch, it should show a diagram of the ports and what is currently active. If it’s a bright/light green it’s connected at 1G, if it’s a dark green it’s 100M. If you want to know more details about the icons, just hover over legends and it’ll show PoE, etc.

Ah, a tad confusing in the UI. But, thank you for the guidance. Yep, confirmed doing 1gbps up and down

On the docs section of the S8, they say the speed can be determined by looking at the switch LEDs themselves:
Per Port LEDs: Network
10/100 Mbps,

So you really don’t need the gui for that.

Now, when I was debugging, this was my method:

  • connect to the link that was brought to the switch with my laptop 1G port. I run LibreSpeed locally so I can check my speeds without actually needing to use the internet.
  • connect next to EACH port on the switch that you connect your APs to. Validate they can all run at the same speed as the connection that is brought to your switch. there should be zero loss on these per-port tests. Depends on decent cabling, I like those little 2’ shielded on both ends patch cables.
  • now connect just one AP.
    –Default it.
    – Re-add it via the GUI.
    – in the GUI control, remove MESH. if you don’t have more than one AP, I’m not sure this helps.
    – Do a speed test via wifi.
    – increase your 5G bandwith to max, do a speed test.
    – leave power at auto.

anyway, those were my steps more or less from memory, and the two items which too me from a crappy 140mbit to a very nice 900mbi on a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S21. My Pixel 2 (yes, old, still works, I’m cheap) is able to get a max of 484Mbps, but was also only origially getting 140mbit.

Make sure to look at LibreSpeed. it REALLY does help to have an on-premises speedtest to help with one aspect of network debugging.

Hey Rut, you brought up a valid point. I’ve been running my AP’s on the same TX power settings for about a week now with great results. Good looking out my man. I started playing around with using the DFS channel range with not so great luck. Mostly with my AMZ fire cube. It keeps preferring 2.4ghz when I go above CH48.