AP6-PRO Story "Tower of Goeree"

In the picturesque town of Goeree, Stands a remarkable structure known as “De toren van Goeree.” This tower, steeped in history and folklore, had long been the pride of the community. Its sturdy stone walls and spiraling staircase told tales of generations past, whispering secrets to anyone who dared to ascend its heights.

The townspeople revered “De toren van Goeree” as a symbol of their heritage, and it was only fitting that it became the chosen site for the installation of the Alta AP6-PRO access point. While the tower did not possess the architectural grandeur of the church tower mentioned earlier, it held a special place in the hearts of the townfolk.

Just like before, the installation proved to be no small feat. The challenge of pulling the cable through the winding passageways and tight spaces of the tower seemed insurmountable. With every twist and turn, the echoes of the tower’s history whispered caution, as if urging us to tread lightly.

Undeterred by the complexity of the task, we navigated the tower’s labyrinthine corridors, feeling a sense of awe at the rich tapestry of stories that surrounded us. We were determined to preserve the tower’s essence while ushering in a new era of connectivity.

With great care and precision, we managed to thread the cable through the tower, ensuring that it remained hidden from view.

As the final connections were made, the tower seemed to come alive. The once-silent walls hummed with energy, embracing the newfound power of the internet. In the twilight hours, as the first rays of the morning sun kissed the tower’s weathered stones, the network signal reached far and wide, making sure there’s a great wireless internet connection within the tower and creating the possibility to pay by card.

~WiMood Team


@Juzzel This looks incredible! Not every day you see a project like this, let along have the ability to work on it.

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Yeah, it was alot of fun to do!

Thanks for your reply Chase :slight_smile:


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