Alta Labs Hat for next five stories (June 29, 2023)! - All hats have been claimed!

Hey, all! We would love to see and hear about where you are installing Alta Lab access points! We have created the Stories section of our forum just for this purpose.

We have five of our new Alta Labs hats up for grabs to help help say thanks for taking the time to share your pictures, videos and details on the install. These will be for the next five unique posts from today forward. I will update this post once all five stories have been posted and the hats are gone.


:crossed_fingers: painting my house goes quick so I can mount my AP6-Pro and take pics :stuck_out_tongue:


My APs like them too!


In just now!

Thanks @zid ! I will private message you for your address details and get your hat on its way.

4 hats left!

@Digitalguy Came in over the weekend! Thank you! I will reach out directly for shipping info.

Three hats left!

still awaiting on my story Delivery ? i did whats app my details over

@regchan I believe yours was something @Alta-Dallin had put together in your market. I have touched based with him and he is working on getting that out to you ASAP!

We still have three hats left to give away in exchange for your story!

Hoping to tell my story soon about how I finally replaced my almost 10 year old Mikrotik switch with an Alta Labs switch :slight_smile:


My new AP6-Pro arrived today. The unit is being incorporated within my existing network.

Here is a picture of the unit next to one of the Google Access Points (and Google OnHub access point)

As I have the unit running after a few configuration tweaks. This unit is new to my work/network/lab environment

The AP6-Pro at first glance is giving a good experience and network throughput. I had to log a ticket with support regarding something that I noticed with the unit. I am waiting for this ticket to be resolved before I install it permanently.

I do have a few routers/switches/firewalls:

  • Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S+IN
  • Mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+
  • Netgate XG-7100-1U
  • Netgate SG-4860-1U
  • Netgear JGS524ev2 switch

The AP6-PRO has been working great 24 hours after the initial install.

@rutman286 Soon my friend. Very soon. Can’t wait, personally! How many ports is that Mikrotik?

Hi @Alta-Chase! It’s a 24port POE with 10Gb SFP+. It’s been my go to switch for a while, but hopefully not much longer :grinning:

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@Juzzel What an amazing project! Thanks for sharing! I will DM for details on the hat!

Two more hats left!

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@pcAltuser Would you mind adding your post to the stories? Then we can lock down a hat for you as well.

sure I will be happy to do that.

I had Ubiquiti for a while and I was searching for a better alternative and I found Alta Labs. At first, I didn’t understand why the specifications were so awesome without a big community using it. It is why I reach out to Alta Labs and want to collaborate with them to promote and review their APs (Pro and base model).

At first I was a bit skeptical, Ubiquiti was in the game for so long and Alta Labs APs were first gen… I installed both devices and did some speed tests and the only thing that I saw was RAW SPEED!! I was speechless about the results and the quality of the APs. I love IT!

Since the release of my video, I have had several subscribe that ask me for updates about Alta Labs.

My content is French but here is my full review of APs.

I can’t wait to see the self-hosted controller and the upcoming switches!!!


Thanks @pcAltuser and @Juzzel For your story submissions!

That takes the last two hats! Thanks for the submissions all! Stay tuned for more prizes in exchange for sharing stories!