AP6 Pro mounting issues

After quick testing, I removed my Unifi AcPro and attempted to install the AC6 Pro. On the ground, I wasnt convinced about the mount, but on the ceiling was even worse.

Why are there only 2 “self-tapping screws”? Surely, three or four would be appropriate? I tried to find screws that were appropiate but didnt have any with the tiny head screw. So just went with the two.

Drilled 2x 6mm holes, as I thought that was appropriate (usually is for ‘Rawplugs’, but the Alta Labs plugs have the additional serrated edges, and trid inserting them, but they would have needed “brute” force and a lot of mess to be inserted, so I opted for my usual red rawplugs, which have dealt with lots heavier duties in the past.

But the screws provided, were tight at the last push to make them FLUSH, that the screw heads were beginning to wear? Guess the metal is a little soft.

Anyway, couldnt for the life of me get them to mount flushly as I’d imagine they needed to be but left it hanging on I guess one side. And progressed on the software install.

I’ll continue this in a fresh thread, called “AP6 Pro install concerns”.


I will back you up on the mounting concerns. I have three AP6-Pros all with broken mounting brackets. I have moved the APs a few times, and the little tabs on the sides of all 3 mounts have broken off. I had to zip tie the APs up to the mounts now, which looks terrible. I reached out to my vendor as instructed, and they said “well that’s a bummer, we don’t stock just the mounts”. So here we are.

Welcome to the community @user31!

I’m pretty surprised to hear this feedback from both you and Rutman. Do you mind if I ask what you’re screwing into? I used an impact drive into floor joists without issue. I actually remember providing feedback (my initial units were before I joined Alta) that it was nice to get solid hardware for mounting.

As for the bracket, that’s a little more understandable since it’s plastic. I’ll check to see if we can send out brackets. I’ve moved mine around quite a bit and haven’t broken the tabs. When you remove the AP are you brute forcing it off the mount or moving the lever first?

Thanks for your comments. Glad its just not me. I am sort of relieved that I didnt succeed in fully mounting them, because I was wondering, how do you remove them. And currently I have removed it, returned the AC Pro back to its original position and we’ll see how things go!

Thanks Matt for prompt reply.

Fortunately I never managed to fully push the AP in, so removal was easy (fortunately, it didnt fall out of the ceiling!!)

But yeah, I may need lessons or maybe mine needs a little bit of grease or washing up soap like I’ve seen in previous posts.

But for now, I have plans to use the 8 PoE switch and the AP as a standalone extended closed network for work.


Hi There @user31,

This is not something we have seen or been made aware of from our customers to date but, as @rutman286 has also mentioned this it would be great if some images could be provided in case we do get mentions of this over the phone or via our helpdesk.

@rutman286 Sorry to hear that you have now had some failures of the mounts when trying to remove them. Again, this is not something we have heard from others so far.

I havd just sent you a DM on this in case this was purchased via ourselves (LinITX) as we do have a small stock of spares for any issues such as this seen by our customers. If these were purchased from ourselves then please do reply to my DM and we can get this sorted for you.

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ive called in too regarding this @LinITX_Frazer

the clips are very hard Stiff so trying to clip it on was hard as i dont have smooth ceiling i have bumpy ceiling after removing it a few times the tab snapped off and now missing

LINITX i know you have some spares that you are charging shipment for but was not made aware of charges

now im in need of 4 brackets as im not sure how long the brackets will stay strong for

order id [1549540]

Good Morning Regchan,

If the clips on the mounts have broken in standard use then we can issue replacements at no additional cost (for unit or shipping) providing the units have been purchased from ourselves.

I will reach out via DM to get the information required from you to process this.

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@LinITX_Frazer thank you for the speedy shipping of the replacement bracket i have just got it 18/1/24

I had a great deal of trouble snapping the AP into place on the ceiling due to bracket flex. I made an electrical box cover out of 1/8" plywood larger than the bracket, but smaller than the AP. The bracket is now rigid and I can snap it into place somewhat easily. It also makes it easier to see the release tab for removal.

im in the uk and the uk back boxes are square and dont fit the bracket very well we need standards thats why in after making my own bracketry possible Steel mount so can mount to te plastic

I’m in the UK too and was pleased to find that the bracket fit perfectly over a single standard 25mm deep metal back box. Screw holes lined up perfectly.

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Backplate on UK single socket metal back box


Fully fitted in my kitchen


From a product prospective, I have been very happy with Alta labs. However, when it comes to the mounting, I think there is some work to do. I am going to agree with the group here. I have mounted a few of these for customers on ceilings and the sag is very noticable. A very common mounting method for mounting any AP on the ceiling is to use a single gang LV box to connect the bracket to. Unfortuately, there is so much sag with this mount that you can see the box under the AP. I have attached a couple of pics and that show the sag in the mount. I’d like to point out too that its not entirely the backet that is sagging. It is partly do to the fit of the AP in the bracket having some space to hang a bit. My hope is that improvements can be made to help with this.

@EthernetBlueprint Thank you for the feedback. We see room for improvement on the mount as well. We are working on some alternatives and improvements that we hope to implement later this year.

In the mean time, can you share which of the screw holes you are using to attach to the box? That sag does look excessive.

Hey Chase. Thanks for the response. On that particular install, I believe just the top and bottom holes were used. I didn’t have any other choice because I had already cut a single gang box size hole in the drywall for the box and couldn’t use the side holes that were available to me.

I have some drywall scraps at my house and will play around with different mounting options to recommend for my customers. More to come on that. Thanks for looking into things.