AP6-Pro and Dashboard Impressions

I’ve used quite a range of managed WiFi brands in my career and Alta is one of the first brands in a while to get me genuinely excited.

Some of the highlights for me:

A clean user interface - It’s often looked over but having a web UI that’s appealing to the eye and isn’t too utilitarian is super important. Particularly when you’re selling it to a customer and the interface is one of the first things they comment on.

Very straightforward to set up - I appreciate SDN that is simple to configure and is easy to follow your nose. The improvements I’ve seen in the Dashboard/Controller in the past few months have been encouraging.

The AP itself looks great - A lot of Access Points on the market have “unique” aesthetics but don’t look great when ceiling mounted. Alta has clearly listened to customer feedback around visuals and designed an AP that is unoffensive and blends in well. The one thing that impresses me the most is the ethernet cable is hidden when ceiling mounted, this is often overlooked by other vendors. I can also appreciate that the radiation pattern is designed so the can sit on a desk (great for lazy people like me).

The speed of changes made in the dashboard - One of the most impressive features is the speed of changes being applied. I tested blocking TikTok and whilst flicking through the For You Page, it blocked it from loading super quick. Removing the block was almost instant as well. I hope this keeps up once more users come online.

All in all I think it’s a great product and I’m looking forward to seeing where Alta takes it in the future.


Thanks for the feedback @SimonNZ91 !

Lots of exciting things to come :slight_smile:

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