AP6 has no power

We lost power this morning and now my AP6 is not powering on, is there any steps somewhere to troubleshoot.

Thank you.

Hi @Beto.86,

When you attempted to reset the unit, did you do a normal reset or a power on reset? If you didn’t try the power on reset, I’d like to have you give that a go, please.

  1. Power the unit off, wait ~15 seconds after removing power
  2. Hold the reset button
  3. While still holding the reset button, plug the cable back into the AP
  4. Wait 5 seconds or until the LED flashes on the front of the unit
  5. Release the power button

Our power on reset (aka POR) has a little magic built into the bootloader. If the AP can get to the bootloader while the AP can reach the internet, it will download a firmware binary, default the unit, apply the firmware binary, and reboot. If successful and you have LED activity, wait until it comes to a solid white, indicating everything was successful. If you don’t get any LED activity, let me know and we’ll work on your support ticket side to get further details.

Hi Matt,

I have tried both ways with no luck.

Thank you.

Understood. I’ve replied to the support ticket with further instructions.

Hi Matt is there any other way to deal with this issue I have yet to hear back from anyone on ISP’s amazon side.

I reached out to a contact at ISP Supplies, although he’s more on the marketing side of things. He mentioned filling out this form https://www.ispsupplies.com/rma-return-request for an RMA. He also said that it can take 7-10 business days for that to be processed. Perhaps that will be a more expedient route to take.

This is the last email that I received from last week. A replacement was requested but at this point I might be better off just asking for a refund and ordering a different AP.

I removed your screenshot for your own privacy given this a public forum and your entire email address was shown in the screenshot. I will email my contact over there again as well as make some internal inquiries to see if there’s another route we can take.

Thank you Matt. At this point what else would you need on my end.

Nothing at all, my understanding is you’ve done all you need to do.

Hi Matt, still nothing from ISP at this point I just want a refund let me know if you can help me out on your end. Thank you

Oh no i literally just logged a support ticket for an AP not booting (got it from ISP supplies as well). Mine is an AP6 Pro

It was provisioned and added to my account back in November and has been sitting in the box waiting for install and on Friday decided it didn’t want to boot up.

@ISP-Jonathan_Nichols who would be the best person to tag here?

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@Beto.86 can you please email me your order information? I will help you get this replaced. My email is byron@ispsupplies.com


assuming I’ll be sending you mine shortly too… @Byron-ISPSupplies


Email was just sent thank you Byron.

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@Beto.86 I sent you an email asking for your address so we can send a shipping label, please respond at your convenience.

Hi Matt, not sure why but they want to refund me only $97 instead of the full amount I paid for the AP is there anyway you can into this. Thank you

I replied to your ticket, I’m looking into it and will reply via the ticket once I have more information.