AP6 has no power

Tried different port? Maybe an injector? and check the cable (maybe a short 1m patch from switch to AP), if you can take it to the switch that is.

I haven’t tried that yet since it’s at another site but it is basically the same issue as the last one just went offline randomly and the homeowner says no lights on the unit.

Oh, well hope you solve your issue, those are just my usual troubleshooting steps :smiley: .

Luckily I have a spare to swap in but it’s from the same order batch…wonder if it too will die in 4-5 months.

I have 3 outdoor units on order and pray they don’t fail me outdoors. I already look kinda bad with 2 dying indoors.

This is the AP in the original location…and yea that’s the basement of the house…lol

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