AP reboot selection

Please create a reboot option in the app.

In the web ui, please have an actual, always present restart button instead of the awkward ‘press the shift key’ button.

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Hi @carrottspc for now we are preferring to keep the shift option, because there shouldn’t be any reason to reboot. If there was a reason to reboot it, we’d hope we can fix the underlying root issue. You can also SSH to the device and reboot it if you need to.

If you’re having issues you need to reboot the APs for, let us know and we can troubleshoot those individually…

What’s the shift key method? I occasionally find myself needing to reboot an AP and have to pull the cable to do it.

If you go into the Network Settings, you can press the shift key and a reboot option appears, like this:

@Alta-MattH what’s the difference if someone ‘pulls the plug’ (like other poster stated) or having a permanent, visible reboot option? The end result is the same.

The management options for these are (1) app or (2) web-ui. There is no option in app (that I can find). For web-ui, having to press an auxiliary key on a keyboard to display an option doesn’t seem logical from a user experience front. Especially since there is possibility that customers may be using a mobile device to manage and when (not if) a need arises to reboot a networked device that is possibly in a remote location, it’d be nice to have that option visible at will.

Go ahead…manage these from a browser on a mobile device with no keyboard. Choose to reboot…it’s a convoluted method to get that hidden reboot option visible.

Not sure how the decision was made to deliver a message to customers that “our stuff doesn’t stink” and there “there shouldn’t be any reason to reboot”.

I understand what you’re saying, but can we discuss why you are needing to reboot it first?

(There is a feature to reboot, and you know how to do it… and you can see from the forum we’ve been open to feedback. So if there are improvements to make we can make them.)

@Alta-MattH thanks for sharing the shift reboot option. Example of what is causing a need for a reboot here: BUG: AP Channel Configuration Doesn't Match UI

Was currently power cycling via the PoE switch modal instead to try and resolve some setting issues.