BUG: AP Channel Configuration Doesn't Match UI

Looks like a bug.
I have 2 AP, AP1: configured to channels 1 and 36, AP2 configured to channels 11 and 149.
AP2 shows in the AP configuration modal channels 11 and 149, however, on the network page it shows AP 2 on channels 11 and 36. In devices I show no devices on channel 149. I’ve rebooted the AP, changed the channel to something else and back, changed to another channel, no joy.

Any advice?


Hi, any chance I can get access to the site to take a look?

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @Alta-MattH looks like this got resolved, any idea what happened?

Hi, sorry for the delay. It looks like there was an issue with 160MHz channels in the UNII-3 band and we’ll update that in the next release.

Thanks for letting us know about this…

Hi, this should be fixed in the latest firmware 1.1p … can you let us know if you still see the same issue?