AP not showing in devices

Hello, very excited to receive my AP Pro today - i have it plugged into my POE+ switch but the device is not showing in my devices tab in my account - I therefore cant set up the AP?

Any advice?


had that at first i relogged back on to the manage page then it popped up

providing you are on your native network both pc and ap

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Yes, as @regchan mentioned, as long as your device and your computer are using the same public IP, and you’re logged in to the cloud interface, the devices should appear, as long as they’re getting access to the internet.

I am curious to see if logging out and logging back in causes them to appear as well though?

Hello, The AP appears occasionally after removing the patch cable but then stops working.

On the switch I am using I can see constant power to the unit but the data connection keeps dropping out, it appears to be in a constant cycle or resetting every 30 seconds The lights on the AP keep changing from a while light and then blue…

I am using a POE+ switch and everything else on the network appears to be working perfectly. I have tried using different patch cables - cat 5/6 and 7 and the same issue appears to continue.

Any advice at all? Worth mentioning the incoming connection is via Starlink


oh thats why starlink might be losing connection and by default the ap is set to not broadcast when no internet

Enabling this will keep WiFi broadcasting from this AP even if the Internet goes down.
Always On Yes but by default is No

i am also over starlink connection too as well as my fixed internet
hope this image helps looknig at my kitchen ap

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Thanks @regchan! Curious to see if this fixes it too…

could this option be enabled by default always on feature

I think I have a faulty AP… it appears to be in a constant boot cycle…. The switch shows Poe power to the AP but the data feed keeps dropping in and out…

Starlink is performing well have been usi by it on current system for about 6 weeks with no issue…

The AP won’t even show up on the dashboard as a device… hoping to RMA the unit

@Daniel_Jones I’d be surprised if the hardware is faulty, so let’s check a few things. Can we move to DM to work on this?

See my video: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0d22BbbW_12KI2RHpQS9jwQaQ

The new AP is showing up, but after selecting set-up and connection made, it switches back to the main page.

@tallguy Thanks for reporting the issue! We can replicate and are working to resolve the issue ASAP. We will report back ASAP once the fix has been deployed.

@tallguy Can you confirm the version of the iOS app you are running? You can do that from within the mobile app. Click the account icon on the dashboard tab. Last line on the drop down menu.

@Daniel_Jones Your issue should be resolved with an upgrade to 1.1a firmware. If it is stuck in a boot loop, you can hold down the reset button as you power on the unit, and it will upgrade to 1.1a on its own.

iOS version is 16.5.1.

Eventually it did work. But only when I plugged the AP in my router directly. I have a unifi network (192.168.1.x) behind my fiber router but the router serves a different ip range (192.178.1.x).

that works fine going out, but apparently not for traffic coming in, which is not initiated from within the unifi network.

Sorry, app version is 1.0.3 (94)

@tallguy Thanks for the additional info! We will be back in touch on this shortly.

@tallguy Great news. The latest iOS build addressed the issue you identified and mentioned above.


Excellent feedback. Never received feedback on a bug being resolved. Purchased a second AP6 Pro to replace Ubiquiti.

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Hi I’m reopening this thread cause im in a bit of a pickle.

i have three ap’s connected to a POE+ switch with a line into my computer and a line going to an internet source.
The devices and my computers have been set to the native network but the ap’s are not showing up.

Is there anything that might be effecting them that ive overlooked?

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Hi @Diego, can you try holding down the reset button as the AP is being powered on? This will manually update the AP to the latest version.