AP 2.0e Firmware

Anyone else been lucky enough to find they have 2.0e firmware this morning - sadly i cannot find any information on it yet.

Hi, we just pushed out the firmware last night, it fixed an issue we found where DPI had issues if you added too many apps:

Installed 2.0e this morning manually. I do not think I was experiencing the problem that was specifically addressed in 2.0e, but I want to thank you for being attentive to details when publishing updates. Each update I have installed has addressed the issue you intended, and more importantly NOT caused some other strange bug that makes us all want to roll back to the previous update. Additionally I love how fast the APs update! I’m no longer having to tell everyone “sorry, I have to run and update, things might be back in the next 10 minutes”.


I feel that 2.0e has brought back my AirPrint issues with my HP LaserJet.

our devices have been taking the update from 2.0d to 2.0e and succeeding. then a couple hours later we get the note that One or More Devices is out of date, and again click the arrow, and the device changes to 2.0d … of course a few hours later, check again and it’s asking to update.

anyone else experiencing this?

Hi can you send a screenshot of this?

well, of course I missed the reply email on this, and now they are all at 2.0e. They’ve been there stably all day, and I’m not going to bother them about it since it’s live with real people on the network.

I think this problem has resolved itself for me. thanks!