ALTA Labs PoE Switches - Coming Soon!

Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming 8 port, 16 port, and 24 port ALTA Labs PoE Switches. Pre-order links coming soon. Stay tuned!


Are there any specs on these 16-24Poe switches ? Are they SFP or SFP+ ports ?


The official specs will be posted on the website soon, but here is the information on ports:


Sweet, good information Matt. Thanks… Next question, are the SFP ports locked ? or are they compatible with most SFP modules, meaning, do we have to go out and buy pricy transceivers ? I mostly use 10Gtek stuff.

@jlab they’re open, and not proprietary so will work with most modules. We’ll release more info soon…


Awesome, thanks Matt. ( again )

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@Alta-MattH ,
Are there plans to have the switches supporting via a self-hosted controller?
The two YouTube vlogges mentioned in their videos (Tom from Lawrence Systems and Chris from CrossTalk Solutions on the AP6-Pro review mentioned this setting.

As I have part of my lab network isolated a portion of the network has to be isolated from the internet, the POE switches would be ideal for this purpose.

We are planning on a self-hosted controller, but no timeframe yet :slight_smile: Feedback welcome for what you’re looking for …

any future with 2.5 GbE on your APs or Switches? Many of my PCs, one of my switches (and a Netgear AP) are 2.5 GbE and would feel like a downgrade to go 1 gig

Is that information ready to be shared?

I have a hardware application that manages the 10Gbe connections within my network, I am planning to have the S24-POE connect directly to this unit. This would replace an existing Netgear POE+ switch. The S24-POE would seem compatible to what I am trying to plan.

I would need the specifics hardware detail/controller etc to make sure I get the right SFP+ ports (from a vendor like, etc).



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The S24-POE does 1g/2.5g/5g/10g

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