Alta Switchs SFP+ connected to pfSense Hardware units

I know this could be a very specific question, but I wanted to ask.

As I have shared in previous posts I use pfSense hardware within my lab environment. I have a pfSense unit that does support 10GBe. Currently I have connected one of the SFP+ points to a Mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+IN. Reviewing the S24-POE, this would be a great unit to replace a Netgear Switch I am using for other POE devices (and connect the AP-Pro6).

With the Mikrotik unit, I was able to see bandwidth between the pfSense hardware application to the MikroTik use the full 10Gbe once I got the right SFP+ ports on each end.

In an early post the statement regarding SFP+ port was very generic:
and not proprietary so will work with most modules

Has Alta or one of its reseller connected the S24-POE to a Netgate unit that has SFP+ ports? If yes, did you experience any issues?


Also interested in this setup. I have a Netgate 6100 and looking at the switches to run 10gbe over SFP+.

I have a Netgate xg-7100-1U-MAX and can share my results