After testing, some thoughts & pics!

Hi All,

First I want to say thanks to the team at Alta for sending me some APs to have a mess with and am really excited about the future of Atla Labs.

Coming from a complete UniFi setup, I have replaced all of my UI APs this weekend after some extensive testing. 2x U6-LR 2x U6-IW and 2x U6-Mesh have been replaced with the 4 Alta AP6P’s.

I’ll start with what I like: the design and form factor. These really aren’t large devices compared to the size of even the U6-LR’s which look massive next to AP6, and they look the part. As you can see I have installed them in a variety of locations, from old-fashioned hallways with coving to outdoors. Because of the small size, I am happier to mount them in ‘better’ locations as they aren’t big at all and blend in nicely.

The performance is great, really great. Of cause these are new APs I was expecting some slow waiting times, and the odd hiccup here and there. So far nothing… the APs are fast-boot and apply changes really quickly. Great job - love it. Even the UI is rapid and free. Who does this?

At 5Ghz, compared to the U6-LR the performance is very similar through thick brick walls. I have a feeling this is to do with physics. Through thinner internal walls, floorboards, and less dense obstacles performance seems far better than that of the U6-LR (around 10%) with signal levels pretty much the same as the U6-LR (this is impressive considering the size difference) With clear LOS performance is 10-15% better than U6-LR.

2.4 GHz is where I’ve seen big improvements over the UI offerings. Previously I would have never used 2.4Ghz leaving it disabled for my main networks. U6-LR maxed out around 80mbps where as AP6P can push 110 easily. The range seems identical to U6-LR.

The UX overall is great and feels futuristic due to its cloud-based nature. It has pretty much everything you need without being overloaded with options however, I’m sure more will come in the future.

What don’t I like? Not much really. The APs run a little hot and draw around 7w each. A little more power than most other APs. My suggestions would be for the UX. Change ‘devices’ to ‘clients’ on the top bar to avoid confusion between devices. On the dashboard, when you press ‘view more’ on a client as well as the current options can it display some more information regarding what AP, signal strength, etc instead of going to the ‘devices’ tab to view this type of info. Please can we have a power slider for independent 2.4 and 5ghz tuning per AP?

Other than that, loving the system. I’ve just installed the app from Test Flight so will give that a spin over the weekend. Keep up the great work!


@MarzBar Thanks for the detailed feedback and pictures!

  • We are reviewing the devices vs clients labeling. For end users, we find that they often refer to their devices as “devices” rather than “clients.” From an industry perspective, “clients” is certainly more common of a term. We don’t disagree there. More to come here as we try and keep it as simple and straight forward as possible for everyone…

  • Power slider on 2.4 and 5 GHz, yes! Its coming very soon. We are trying to determine the best manner to deploy this so those that really know how to leverage this tool can have access to it, but make it a little harder for those that just like to slide knobs around without understanding the impact it can have on a network. :upside_down_face: More to come here as well.

  • Great feedback on the dashboard. Totally see the value in bringing some of that forward into the view more screen there. We will get that added to our team’s development list.

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Great review MarzBar. Have you still got these APs in place and if so, is the one you’ve mounted outside still ok? As we wanted to mount 2 or 3 outside of a clients property but were advised by our suppliers not to unless they’re in a weather proof enclosure because even though they say indoor and outdoor on the AP6 Pro, their IP rating isn’t where it should be for mounting outside without good cover, but I can see yours is pretty exposed only covered by the guttering.

I think it would be safer to go with the Outdoor AP6-Pro

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I agree. I’m looking forward to them becoming available in the UK (soon hopefully)

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