The new AP6-PRO Outdoor IP68 Weather Rated Access Point is here!

Available for pre-order at ISP Supplies


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Was hoping to see 2 Ethernet ports, to use them as PtP…

@Zan In order to keep the cost low and not overcommit POE budget, we opted for a single Ethernet port. In general, it’s best to run a wire to all Access Points, anyway, but there are of course some corner cases where meshing makes sense.


And also double the outdoor case/grommet for the 2 Ethernet ports for the IP68 rating would increase the size of the AP / mechanicals a bit…


I’m loving it! Going to deploy one later this week.


I totally understand your point :smiley: . Maybe a future AP bridge will see this features. :wink:


got any round about dates? pre orders are good and all but nice weather is cominnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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What would be the best way to set these up as a wireless bridge? I would like to try to use two of these APs as a wireless bridge to another building. I am currently using MikroTik Wireless Wire to achieve this and it has been really good. Before that I tried a couple of TP-Link and UniFi product with mixed results. I’ve been using Alta in my home for testing and it’s been pretty good so far.

So the scenario would be:
Building 1: Router - PoE Switch - AP6-Outdoor
Building 2: AP6-Outdoor - PoE Switch (to power AP6 and distribute the connection to the rest of the building).
Both buildings would have separate subnets, so building 1 cannot see into building 2 (either by VLAN or by interface assignments).

Is there a way to have two APs mesh without an SSID broadcasting? Would the only way to achieve that be a hidden SSID on both APs? Maybe we could implement a bridge mode for two APs.

Let me know your thoughts, and I am game to help test in anyway I could.


@EthanDDI Yes, the outdoor model should work great for this, as long as the distance and interference are well understood/controlled.

If all SSIDs are disabled on a particular unit, the unit will still continue to broadcast a hidden SSID that can be used for meshing downstream units.

Jeff, just so I understand, if I setup AP-A from building 1, and have a single SSID on it, and then have AP-B on the receiving side with NO SSID broadcast, it will still be functional and mesh with the AP-A?

I understand the distance and interference. It’s a mildly congested area, and the distance is around 50ft or so, and they can have line of site. I would just love to try this out and see how it works.

@EthanDDI Yes, correct.

Perfect, I will give it a go when they come out.

This is great news! I was out in the backyard working on a project this week and noticed that my signal was a bit spotty. I just placed a pre-order for a unit. Any idea on when these bad boys will start rolling out?

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