16 or 24 port switch feedback?

Does anyone have feedback they want to share on the 16 or 24 port switch? I am very curious what the real world user experience has been like so far.

All I can say about it now is that it just works. I currently still have a flat network and still need to configure my Firewalla Purple SE. Then I will also start working with VLANs.

A fiber optic internet connection will be completed sometime next year. Then I will also start working with IPTV and therefore IGMP.

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Thank you Niels. That’s really the best thing to hear though, right? It just works… it’s almost boring because you don’t have to tinker with it all the time! :grinning:

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While I’m not able to comment on performance, my problem and resistance to purchasing any of the switches is the low POE budget. I’ve got 3 AP’s and have been considering deploying two more for outdoor coverage. Even with the 16 port, I’d only be able to power one more AP (4 total) before over subscribing power. I chatted with Matt about about this yesterday. The 8 port wouldn’t even support my existing deployment without the use of an injector.


It works without any problems. The temperature display is nice and shows 30 degrees. It’s a bit unusual that only ports 1 to 8 offer PoE. I would have liked this on all ports. The power consumption display is slightly lower than on other switches (Aruba 2930F). Currently 6.4 W compared to 7.0 W previously.

They don’t actually use anywhere near the quoted power.

See Power consumption - AP6 vs AP6 Pro