Power consumption - AP6 vs AP6 Pro

For anyone interested in some real life power consumption figures, in my home office environment, I find that the AP6 consumes around 4.8 watts on average. (enabled 2.4ghz- 20mhz, 5ghz active 40 MHz)
The AP6PRO hovers between 7.4 to 10 watts. (enabled 2.4g - 20GHz, 5Ghz - 80 MHz)

Luckily nowhere near the 20 and 25 watts specified in the specs which I assume is at full load worst case.

This is as reported by the Alta Labs 8 port switch.

Thanks for the real-world data! The provided specs are obviously worst case, assuming the AP is fully transmitting at the moment, but it’s not likely to hit those numbers.

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