Zeronoise default theme active link colour is white on white

Hi, when you use the default zeronoise theme, the li button active link colour is white on the light background and makes it hard to read. Examples are the ‘latest’ ‘top’ buttons on the main forum nav and the various preferences sections in the my account area of the forum. Switching to dark theme is one workaround.

For the forum buttons, If you left the text color as the --secondary variable and made the background-color the --tertiary variable (purple) that looks pretty good and is consistent.

Interesting … we’re not using zeronoise, but the default themed (just customized a bit)

Can you post some screenshots of the places you notice it? We’ll get it fixed.
I do notice the “Latest” button so I’ll look into that … if you don’t mind sending some screenshots of the others I’ll find them and see what’s up …


ahh I think I misread the theme dialogs. Zeronoise appears to be the dark mode default. I look to be on the default theme too.

Here are some images of the preferences and home page nav (‘latest’ button active). Tried in safari/chrome based browsers mac/windows.

Haha, sorry about that. I will check this out … I did add zeronoise as an option, but I haven’t used dark mode too much so maybe some tweaking to be done.

Thanks for helping beta test :slight_smile:

No worries, the ToDo list must be long!

Oh my bad, I just realized I was using the default theme with zeronoise color pallete (slightly modified). I’ll get all these things fixed. Thanks for the feedback!