Yet again my nest nini speakers disconnect

just decided to check this any info i can ssh to get or login via sftp to see

@regchan Do you happen to have PMF or WPA3 enabled? or have you made any setting changes?

no changed made

@regchan Are the Nests the only thing disconnecting from the network? I just did a little digging and found that this problem of the Nest Minis disconnecting from WiFi is a common issue. Some people experience their nests losing connection daily or every few days. I might suggest trying to set up the Nest on a different network not using our AP just to make sure the AP is not the problem.

ive dropped my unifi stuff now

seems to be just minis i have 2

i also have
Nest Audio big speakers does not seem to be affected to my knowledge

@regchan Yeah, it seems like the Nest Minis are known to have this issue. If you aren’t seeing any other devices lose connection, I’d say it is a Nest problem. I’ll still run some tests though just to be sure.

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I had this same issue with Sonos speakers disconnecting and generally being unstable.

My solution was to disable WPA3, and set the network to the “Large” setting. Give that a go. :slight_smile: