Wireless bridge with VLAN support

I need to connect an L2 switch via wireless from a room where I don’t have any line of sight or can use cable, I don’t want to extend wifi I only need to connect a set of computers connected to the L2 switch in order for them to access the default LAN/VLANs, I already tried this with Ubiquiti but is not supported

Wondering if the AP6 pro could work for this, maybe something like:

router --> l2 switch --> (AP6) <~~~> (AP6) --> L2 switch --> (PC wired)

Any ideas/advice on how to achieve this? the max distance is less than 10metters, indoors

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Yes, this should work fine…

So if I get 2:

l2 switch --> (AP6) <~~~> (AP6) --> L2 switch

How do the AP6 peer with each other? do they use a dedicated channel (not a wifi SSID) and then this allows them to make the bridge that can handle tagged packets?

Just to be clear, I don’t need/want multiple SSIDS each per VLAN, just need a way to extend a network so that everything connected to the remote L2 switch can access all LAN/VLANs.

@nbari Right up the alley of our APs! Thanks for giving us a shot to earn your business. This link right here should help set up the mesh. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Thanks for the link, just to be sure, after having the Mesh, the ethernet cable from the AP6 can be connected to an L2 switch and all LAN/VLANS should work “wired”, correct? just double-checking because I already tried the same with Unifi, works but not with VLANS (all traffic is untagged).

From the article, in step 1 mentions:

  • Step 1: Set up your first AP and create a SSID

Can the AP pair without an SSID, or the SSID is bound to the default network in the L2 switch?, if this is the case when sending packets the AP tags them so that I could use VLANs and the default Networks without having to configure multiple SSIDS?, the AP supports 802.11s ?

At least 1 SSID is required for the mesh VAP to be provisioned. It doesn’t matter if the client-serving SSID is tagged, or not, as the mesh VAP is separate. As Matt already mentioned, theoretically your tags should pass fine across the mesh uplink, but I’d be interested to know either way; especially if they don’t, or if other bugs occur.