Wireless bridge or repeater


Sorry if this has been asked, but are either of the AP6 or AP6-Pro able to operate as a wireless bridge between two APs? I have a scenario where I may only be able to get a wired connection to one spot but will want an AP in another spot further up. Can the AP6 work as a repeater in that way?


@Adam Great question! Yes! Both AP6 and AP6-Pro will form a mesh if they cannot obtain an uplink via their Ethernet port.

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Okay great, thank you!

That is awesome! While not ideal, there seem to always be weird situations where this becomes necessary.

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Can they do a wired downlink from the meshed AP?

Was thinking somewhere you can’t run a cable for backhaul, or you have a device with no wireless (Or even an old/lowend wireless nic)

@dragon2611 Yes, it will bridge the wired devices beyond it to the uplink’s network.


Make sure you test this to the best of you ability, it can be a pain to maintain and cause issues for your clients.
If you do it; Make a side note / statement to the client that it can work, but will not be as stable as a Cable connection. So they can experience failures or disconnects.

oh i was actually wondering aobut this thanks for anwering this one thing i was thinking of

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@Alta-Jeff supports VLANs? the wired devices can be an L2 switch that can be used to extend networks? wondering if they connect using a dedicated 5GHz channel, could you please share any URL/Documentation describing this feature.

@nbari Yes, the meshed AP VLAN configuration works exactly the same as if it was wired. There is no difference in functionality.

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