Will there be another ap with Full RGB other colors

was wondering of having rainbows of aps any chance for having this full RGB for colors

(yes im typing this in american not british = color/colour)


@regchan Great question! We actually tried to get a red LED to fit on the PCB of both AP6 and AP6-PRO, but we literally ran out of space. We had to limit it to blue and white.

Our switches will have white, blue and red LEDs, so the color options will be better. :sunglasses:

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will there be a bigger ap in the future

We are looking at Enterprise and Outdoor options that may or may not be larger in size. Have to wait and see!


sign me up for testing and looking at having one that mounts to wall a more range 300 meters LOS

Sign me up! I have outdoor applications that have to stay UniFi until someone pushes them off their podium.