WiFi Calling Dropping calls

Hi guys

I 3 x AP6 Pros fitted in my house and find that wifi calling is really bad. Calls drop out all the time and i need to switch off WiFi completely on my iPhone. I believe part of the issue is possibly iPhone related but is there any way to resolve this issue?

Hi @WiFiJoe. I use WiFi calling a lot at my house, so I can offer some possible insight.

I have 2 AP6 Pros in my house. Make sure your APs are manually set to different channels, and make sure the power isn’t too high. Every house is going to be different. For the SSID, I have had to leave fast roaming disabled in order for my Apple devices to get along well with the APs. I have found this does mean that WiFi calling while roaming does not work. It will disconnect for me as well if I moved around the house. I don’t blame the APs for this, so I haven’t pushed the issue, but perhaps you are experiencing issues there as well? I would also make sure that your SSID you are using for your phone has “Bypass Filter” checked, and does not have any upload or download speed limits set. WiFi calling is really picky!