WIFI 7 Access Points coming in 2024?

Are there any WIFI 7 APs going to be released by Alta this year?

Unifi just released Access Point U7 Pro - Ubiquiti Store United States

@Gio We are working on it!


Do you have an estimate timeline for availability?

Most importantly will it match or beat TP-LINK EAP773 specs? Which are basically the same radio specs of Ubiquiti U7-Pro except TP-Link did not cheap out on the network port and uses 10GB instead of 2.5G.

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WiFi7 for sure, but 6Ghz 6E/7 spectrum is what I need for outdoor spaces. I’ve been patiently holding out for the outdoor product but I really need this extra spectrum to handle events where we get a few thousand people and need to ‘spread out’ over more spectrum. Currently handling this with more APs on 5Ghz channels but kinda hitting a wall there.

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