WIFI 6E access point?

I recently discovered Alta and wanted to get a wifi 6E access point but it seems that you don’t offer this kind of product just yet?

The product looks promising but it looks like there isn’t any competition to the u6-enterprise ubiquiti model, or even a wifi 7 model akin to the TP Link omada ones?

@Gio The AP6-Pro does feature 4096 QAM, which is a key feature of WiFi 7, at a much lower price point than current WiFi7-capable offerings. As time goes on, we will continue to expand our product line to include more of the latest technologies.

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While 496 QAM a great feature to include, I would hope to see at least 2.5Gb ethernet on these APs in order to take advantage of the increased throughput capabilities.

@rutman286 We will definitely investigate 2.5 GbE on forthcoming products, but we have been very intentional with our choice of 1 GbE for these models. Currently 1 GbE is the most cost-effective and compatible method for access points in enterprise environments. We especially did not want our APs to be unable to attain an Ethernet link simply due to a poor 2.5 GbE implementation on the switch-side.

In addition to this, unless you have an AP every 20 feet (which we’re not discouraging ;), it is not typically possible to achieve speeds higher than 1 Gbps of wireless throughput, anyway, especially in enterprise environments where it’s best to use a narrower channel width of 20 or 40 MHz.

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@Alta-Jeff , the 4096 QAM will only be effective whenever WiFi 7 chips are used in the client devices, correct? Currently there’s no benefit to having 4K QAM

@Uloga There are some non-WiFi-7 chipsets that already support 4K QAM (Qualcomm specifically, there may be others), but you are right that there are not many out there, yet. All of our AP6-Pros themselves support 4K QAM, too, so if the meshing arrangement allows for them to be close enough, you would be benefitting from 4K QAM.

@Alta-Jeff Would you be able to supply a list of “compatible” cards/chipsets that have been tested/verified with the AP6 Pro?

@Uloga I can’t provide a list of our own testing, but there are a couple of publicly available chipsets here: Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 Technology Summary | New High-Speed Wi-Fi | Qualcomm

Also the BCM4390/BCM4398 would be a great candidate for 4K QAM.

It definitely works well between AP6-Pro units.