Which PoE injector to use?

Hey people,

So I have to run one of my AP6-Pro’s off an PoE injector.
Reading that someone from AL ran it off a passive injector had me thinking “alright, I’ll go the cheapest route” and bought myself a POE-48-24W-G, but today my phone connected to the AP that is ran off the injector, capping the connection to 100/100, which was … weird.
I tried different ports etc and apparently it only runs 100/100 even though the specs of the injector says Gigabit.

Is anyone else running it off an injector and if so, does it run with proper speeds? If yes, please mention brand and model, so I can get out of this 100/100 hell, running 1000/500 natively :wink:

what speeds do you get if you only provide power via the power injector and let it wirelessly mesh?

Just checked, getting 256/370, so way better! I do however get almost full gigabit on the other AP, so wired backhaul would be preferred, although this is better than the other scenario at the moment! :slight_smile:

yeah I figured it would be better until you get a new PoE injector.

I have this one I got off amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BZYSWWTZ?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

But im just using it to power the AP in mesh mode I have not tested the speeds over LAN.

Another thing to check beyond ports is the cable itself.

You could also double check the label on the injector itself to make sure it has that -G. You may have purchased a gigabit but accidentally sent a 100mbps injector.

That is also a passive PoE injector that is on part with 802.3af. We recommend 802.3at which would be along the lines of 48V/0.75A or, more commonly, 48V/1A. The AP6 has a max power consumption of 25W and the AP6Pro has a max power consumption of 30W. It’s rare that they hit that, but with a 24W PSU, everything may work great one day, then you add a device to the network and find your AP is randomly rebooting because it’s not being supplied with enough power. It’d be rare, but also one of those things that is easy to have forgotten 6 months from now.

I checked with 5 different cat6 cables, 3 different ports on the router, same issue.
However, just dug out my trusty Netally Linksprinter and it confirms something is up with the injectors, both are only returning 100 - Weird, but not AL’s problem, so I’ll stick to the current setup and wait for someone to let me know of a working injector, that gets the job done :slight_smile:

Just an FYI we are about to release our PoE Injector :slight_smile:

Alta PoE Injector

Interesting! Now we’re just short of a router and local controller and we’ve got ourselves a home run :wink:

They’re coming. Stay tuned…

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Has this been released yet?

@Hawaha Production is finished and our Distributors should have them en route starting this week!

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Thats exciting!

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