Weird behavior switches


I’ve got my second 8-POE switch received today and installed it, but I’m seeing some weird drops for 2 seconds with 0 kb/s and then it picks up again. Is this a visual bug or?


I’m noticing this since the second switch. The weird thing is that both switches are doing the same thing.

Any thoughts?

@Alta-MikeD any idea?

Do you know if it’s actually dropping/pausing traffic? Does this occur often and at regular intervals? Checking a site I’m on, I think I might be seeing something similar.

Definitely going to investigate further, and will follow up.

Doesn’t look like it. It only drops for two seconds when I open the page. Maybe because of the ‘pauze’ function within the browser and the tab?

I can confirm seeing the same “pause” without any noticeable actual network packet drops